Vertical Farming

Green Simplicity develops and builds advanced systems for growing crops in a day lightless, fully closed and controlled environment. In collaboration with our partners within GreenV we developed two standardised and fully automated Vertical Farms, the VF-1 and the VF-2, with seamless integration of all different solutions that jointly form a comprehensive cultivation. Besides these standard models, we also build customized vertical farming systems in accordance to our customers wishes. Together with our partners we can realise these solutions using any adjacent infrastructure in any location in the world.

Vertical Farming

We are proud to present you our newest two solutions: the VF-1 and VF-2. These two systems combine anything you need in one automated system. Every component – from supporting structures to the irrigation system – is seamlessly integrated, which results in a robust and efficient operation and high quality harvest, irrespective of your location or existing production facilities.


Our VF-1 system, also called our ‘single track vertical farm, offers six growing layers and one container track per unit. With a maximum length of 40 meters - scalable in length and height - and a manual or automated transport system will fit seamlessly in your operation facilities. The irrigation system, with spray booms and/or an ebb & flood system will ensure optimal water circulation and use.


For customers looking for more capacity and flexibility we offer the VF-2 system, our ‘double track vertical farm’. This system offers up to ten growing layers and two parallel container tracks per unit. Similar to the VF-1, the VF-2 is scalable in length and height and offers a fully automated transport system. Additionally, the VF-2 fits perfectly in an isolated greenhouse construction. Here also, we offer an optimal irrigation system with spray booms and/or an ebb & flood system.

Anywhere in the world

At Green Simplicity we understand that every crop and every customer’s wishes are unique. That’s why we have developed system that we can realise anywhere in the world with seamless integration to your existing cultivation and operational facilities.

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Improved control over your crops

Are you ready for the next step and eager to discover the full potential of your crops and production process? Green Simplicity Research is here to assist you with plant-focused research and testing in a controlled environment. Once conclusions are drawn, Green Simplicity Concepts is ready to guide you through the scaling-up process. Our team is delighted to discuss the possibilities and provide personalized consultations and demonstrations. Feel free to contact us for more information.