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Discover the possibilities of plant-focused research without daylight with Green Simplicity Research (GSR). Affordable research systems and tailored advice for optimal plant-focused research and maximum yield in results.


Achieve maximum yield with minimal effort using our customized, high-quality solution. We create a solution tailored to your needs, based on your own research results.

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Green Simplicity

Green Simplicity Research empowers growers and breeders to conduct plant-focused research and test their own crop varieties in a controlled environment, with many variables such as LED lighting, humidity, irrigation, CO2, and temperature.

Once conclusions are drawn from the research systems, Green Simplicity Concepts provides suitable solutions for scaling up production. Whether it's scaling up specific variables like climate or lighting in a greenhouse or achieving complete control in an automated, multi-layer cultivation system without daylight, Green Simplicity Concepts assists growers in developing and constructing an optimal cultivation system tailored to their crop's needs.

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Improved control over your crops

Are you ready for the next step and eager to discover the full potential of your crops and production process? Green Simplicity Research is here to assist you with plant-focused research and testing in a controlled environment. Once conclusions are drawn, Green Simplicity Concepts is ready to guide you through the scaling-up process. Our team is delighted to discuss the possibilities and provide personalized consultations and demonstrations. Feel free to contact us for more information.