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Green Simplicity is a Dealer of the brand UPRtek in the Netherlands. For years UPRtek and Green Simplicity have been working together to develop user-friendly, affordable and above all, accurate Spectrometers for horticulture. With success! Recently a new model spectrometer has been developed especially for horticulture.

Tailor-made design

The UPRtek PG100N is extremely suitable for measuring and logging the light intensity and spectrum under various light sources. For example, the meter is often used to calibrate LED research systems, whether or not in combination with other light sources such as HPS (SONT) lighting, fluorescent lighting, and daylight. Below the main units of measurements used in horticulture:

  • PAR light PPFD (380nm-700nm) in µmol/m2.s
  • PFD (380nm-780nm) in µmol/m2.s
  • PFD-UV (380nm-400nm)
  • PPD-B (400nm-500nm)
  • PPD-G (500nm-600nm)
  • PFD-R (600nm-700nm)
  • PFD-FR (700nm-780nm)
  • LUX (Visible light for the human eye)
  • Color temperature (warmth color in Kelvin)

(Advanced: light intensity per nanometer in µmol/m2.s em watt/m2)


The PG100N can make a connection with a mobile phone or tablet via the built-in WiFi connector and via the accompanying application (downloadable in the store) all measurements can be saved and even be sent by e-mail. The spectrometer also provides a log function. Put the meter between the crop or under a light source and choose an interval time. After starting, the meter places all data sorted in a clear Excel file. This file can be exported easily by connecting the meter to a computer or by means of an SD card. 


The PG100N is a compact and very handy spectrum meter, which is very attractively priced compared to other professional spectrometers on the market. The price of the meter is €2.495,- and comes in a nice case containing the following accessories:

✔ Storage bag
✔ Charger
✔ SD card
✔ Mini USB cable
✔ Sensor cable
✔ Device holder
✔ Spare lens cover


Brabant Plant - Climate Chamber
Gipmans - Climate Chamber
plantenkwekerij-gitzels - Climate Chamber - Grow light
KP Holland - Climate Chamber
Rijk Zwaan - Climate Chamber
Solynta- Climate Chamber
Van der Avoird - Climate Chamber
World Horti Center Van der - Climate Chamber
Vreugdenhil - Climate Chamber
Flevoberry - Climate Chamber
Universiteit Utrecht - Climate Chamber
bejologo - Climate Chamber
Hanze Hogeschool - Climate Chamber
Smit kwekerijen - Smit Kwekerijen
BAS-F - Lighting Kit
Curio - Lighting Kit
Dekker Chrysanten - Lighting Kit
Hobaho - Lighting Kit
Iribov - Lighting Kit
Kruidenaer -Lighting Kit
Proeftuin Zwaagdijk -Lighting Kit
Syngenta - Lighting Kit
DSV Zaden - Grow light
Kaagman Schooneman - Grow light
Bloomore klaas schouten - Grow Light
Ruiter Wever - Grow light - Vertical Farming
Schouten Tulips Ruiter - Grow light
Niels Kreuk - Grow light
Kwekerij S Schouten - Grow light
plantenkwekerij-gitzels - Climate Chamber - Grow light
AE de Wit - Grow Light
WEB-LOGO-VANNOVA- - Vertical Farming