The right solution for every job

Beyond the scope of our wide assortment, the grower asks for a tailor-made solution, which suits his/her company perfectly. Do you want many small or big research compartments, different lighting plans, or redesign existing techniques for new research possibilites? Green Simplicity will merge technology and cultivation into one right solution, in the form of new research modules for plant-oriented research.

Examples of projects:


Mini Labs

Green Simplicity designed and developed a Research minilab in collaboration with cooling installer “Van Den Berg”. A lab of approximately 6 m3, in which the irrigation system, the indoor climate, and the LED lighting can be controlled thanks to costume build software. Thanks to the control via the software, you can easily set the preferred light recipe with the HORTILED Multi for the intended research result.

Thermogradient table

A thermogradient table is often used in germination tests. The basis of this product is that the surface of the table varies in temperature from left to right. Thanks to this technique, it can be assessed at any temperature which germination process is the most powerful.

Besides the product, Green Simplicity and Van Den Berg installed a piece of technology with added value on the existing installation of this consumer.

Thanks to this adjustment, the germination tests can not only be tested on the best temperature but also for the optimal LED spectrum for germinating the seeds.



Discover the already realized projects of GREEN SIMPLICITY


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