Mobile Climate Chamber

Get the most out of your crop!

The Green Simplicity LED Research Climate Cell was developed together with horticulturalists and growers. The result is an innovative and affordable climate cell with a simple and practical operation, with which you can easily set the temperature, humidity, CO2, watering and, of course, the LED lighting for every crop.

Affordable solution on location

Besides a climate cell at a fixed location, Green Simplicity also supplies a “Mobile Climate Chamber”. The ideal research cell to get the knowledge and possibilities for your company within the optimal size of a 20ft or 40ft container. The Mobile Climate Chamber gives the horticulturalists, growers, or breeders the opportunity to conduct plant-oriented research for an affordable solution on location. 

LED lighting is an increasingly used technique, providing crops with the exact amount, spectrum, and temperature they need to achieve the maximum result per square meter. But not only the LED lighting is important to control, but also the growth variables; temperature, humidity, CO2, and irrigation are essential for optimal control of an (indoor) farm. Because of this, Green Simplicity developed and produced the Research Mobile Climate Chamber, to also grow, cultivate and analyze the crops under the best possible conditions.

Possibility to rent a container

Besides the possibility to purchase a container for your company, Green Simplicity also offers the possibility to rent a 20ft container. With this option, Green Simplicity makes plant-oriented research accessible for everyone. Contact us directly for more information.

Put Together Every Conceivable Light Recipe

The great strength of our Climate Cell is the LED lighting possibilities, which are unparalleled when you compare them with similar cultivation systems:

Light is the basis for the growth of all crops. In order to make better use of the possibilities of LED lighting in horticulture, Green Simplicity is at your disposal to guide you, so that you get the most out of your climate cell from the start. 

✔    The LED lighting is individually dimmable per examination area.
✔    The light intensity can be individually controlled via the software.
✔    Various irrigation options.
✔    Light color per fixture can be set independently.
✔    Every conceivable light recipe can be achieved.



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