Research Trolley

Conduct fast, accessible, easy and targeted research under LED lighting

Green Simplicity developed the LED Research Trolley to conduct extremely simple, fast, and extremely effective research into the cultivation and finishing of various crops. In order to test the crop against the current growth environment, the Trolley is equipped with four castor wheels and a Plug & Play function, so that the research can be carried out in any room.

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Multi-layer research

The trolley has been specially developed by us and is made entirely of aluminum and is available with two, three, or four cultivation layers. Each cultivation layer has a low and high bottom on which the plant or trays can be placed.


Optionally, the trolley can be fitted with an irrigation system, trolleys with an irrigation system can be fitted with two or three cultivation layers. At the bottom of the trolley is water tank with a capacity of 125 liters. At the rear of the trolley, each pump has a filter and a tap for regulating the filling speed. During watering, the soil fills up with water via the supply pipe. The bottom can easily be cleaned because it can be easily removed from the trolley. By adjusting the running time of the pump and the filling speed, the water dosage can be set as desired.

Tailored Advice

Light is the basis for the growth of all crops. To make better use of the possibilities of LED lighting in horticulture, Green Simplicity is at your disposal to guide you, so that you get the most out of your plant-oriented research from the start.

Put Together Every Conceivable Light Recipe

The great strength of our LED Research Trolleys is the LED lighting capabilities, which are unmatched when compared to similar systems

✔ The LED lighting is dimmable per color
✔ All conceivable light recipes are possible and adjustable
✔ Up to 3 different research areas on a compact trolley


Brabant Plant - Climate Chamber
Gipmans - Climate Chamber
plantenkwekerij-gitzels - Climate Chamber - Grow light
KP Holland - Climate Chamber
Rijk Zwaan - Climate Chamber
Solynta- Climate Chamber
Van der Avoird - Climate Chamber
World Horti Center Van der - Climate Chamber
Vreugdenhil - Climate Chamber
Flevoberry - Climate Chamber
Universiteit Utrecht - Climate Chamber
bejologo - Climate Chamber
Hanze Hogeschool - Climate Chamber
Smit kwekerijen - Smit Kwekerijen
BAS-F - Lighting Kit
Curio - Lighting Kit
Dekker Chrysanten - Lighting Kit
Hobaho - Lighting Kit
Iribov - Lighting Kit
Kruidenaer -Lighting Kit
Proeftuin Zwaagdijk -Lighting Kit
Syngenta - Lighting Kit
DSV Zaden - Grow light
Kaagman Schooneman - Grow light
Bloomore klaas schouten - Grow Light
Ruiter Wever - Grow light - Vertical Farming
Schouten Tulips Ruiter - Grow light
Niels Kreuk - Grow light
Kwekerij S Schouten - Grow light
plantenkwekerij-gitzels - Climate Chamber - Grow light
AE de Wit - Grow Light
WEB-LOGO-VANNOVA- - Vertical Farming