Lighting Kit

A tailor-made solution for fast and targeted research.

With our Lighting kit, it is possible to start an investigation into the effects of different light colors on your crop in any situation. Do you want to know quickly how your crop reacts to LED in combination with daylight or in a dark environment? With the Lighting kit, it is very easy to start large or small research at any location.

Plug & Play

Upgrade to the latest technology in LED grow light research! The Lighting Kit offers an extension in the field of LED research within existing cultivation and/or research space. The Lighting kit consists of a set of 12, 24, 48, or 60 HORTILED Multi ® 4DIM luminaires powered by Hortilux, which is controlled via the tablet with in-house developed software. The set is easy to install in an existing research environment, in order to find out what the most optimal light recipe is within the current cultivation situation.

Full control via the 10.1″ tablet

The Lighting kit is easy to set up with our easy-to-use software. Because we have developed the software entirely ourselves, there are also many possibilities here. Depending on the system, we can also offer different solutions here and supplied as required. Such as, for example, the intensity (µmol / m2.s) per color at plant level or dimming a fixed spectrum in µmoles or from 0 – 100%.

Together for the best solution

Light is the basis for the growth of all crops. In order to make better use of the possibilities of LED lighting in horticulture, Green Simplicity is at your disposal to guide you, so that you get the most out of your LED solution from the start. In short: together we come up with the ideal combination of technology and your crop.

Put Together Every Conceivable Light Recipe

The de great strength of our Lighting Kits is the LED light capabilities, which are unmatched when compared to similar systems.

✔ The LED lighting is dimmable per color
✔ All conceivable light recipes are possible and adjustable
✔ Also high light levels possible, up to 1500umol / m2.s
✔ Tailor-made, applicable in any situation




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