Climate Chamber

Get the most out of your crop!

The Green Simplicity LED Research Climate Cell was developed together with horticulturalists and growers. The result is an innovative and affordable climate cell with a simple and practical operation, with which you can easily set the temperature, humidity, CO2, watering, and, of course, the LED lighting for each crop.

Tailor-made design

The design of your own LED Research Climate Cell is completely customized: you tell us your wishes, we think along with you, and that is how we get to the ideal design. Of course, this also applies to the LED lighting. You can even purchase a climate cell without LED lighting! In short: together we come up with the ideal combination of technology and your crop.

For a constant improvement of the R&D department, Green Simplicity offers the Climate Chamber on location. This concept has been custom designed to meet the needs of the grower by using the dimensions within the already existing process in combination with the latest and best research technologies. This means that the Climate Chamber is personalized to fit perfectly inside of the building and match with the existing tool already in use.

In view of the huge range of different varieties within the greenhouse, the climate system must have the best specifications to meet the grower’s requirements. With the Green Simplicity climate system, it exceeds the expectations of any other climate cell.

Full operating system on your tablet

With proprietary software, the growth factors can be controlled and monitored on the 10-inch portable tablet. For in-depth analysis, the relevant data can be exported to a datasheet to store the most important information.

All variables in the climate cell can be easily observed thanks to the user-friendly interface, and it allows the grower set the timer, heat detectors and set points to the desired values and intervals for optimal growth.

Tailored advise

Light is the basis for the growth of all crops. In order to make better use of the possibilities of LED lighting in horticulture, Green Simplicity is at your disposal to guide you, so that you get the most out of your climate cell from the start.

Put Together Every Conceivable Light Recipe

The great strength of our Climate Cell are the LED lighting options, which are unparalleled when you compare them with similar cultivation systems: But not only the LED lighting is important to control, also the growth variables; temperature, humidity, CO2, and irrigation are essential for optimal control of the crop. 

✔ The LED lighting is dimmable
✔ Set the independent color and light intensity for each examination area.
✔ Any conceivable light recipe is possible
✔ Different irrigation methods possible
✔ Climate control via software in a safe way




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