Introduction to research

– What can LED lighting mean for horticulture?
– How can LED lead to more production?
– How can LED influence crops to get a higher price?

In short: how can LED lighting steer and control the growth of plants in order to create added value for the grower?

LED grow light has a wide light spectrum of colors. Choosing the right composition of this spectrum promotes the growth process. Within horticulture, among others, this offers enormous opportunities to save costs and gain space. The challenge is to find the right composition of the light spectrum for your crop. Green Simplicity offers various LED solutions such as lighting sets, mobile light racks, and a complete climate cell.


How do we do this?

With Green Simplicity’s solutions, you can conduct your own research into the effects of LED grow light on your crop. No longer external, but under your own roof, with standard or tailor-made plug-and-play tools. Our systems are modular and therefore scalable, and they vary from a set of dimmable HORTILED luminaires to a fully equipped climate cell with multi-layer cultivation, HORTILED Multi 4DIM, automatic watering system, CO2 supply, humidity, and temperature system.

We will discuss with you and make a light and installation plan based on your wishes. After calculating the number of luminaires required, we select a type of control system. After installing the lamps and calibrating per light color at the height of the crop, you can easily set the growth factors in the system via the user-friendly software application on the accompanying tablet.


When the LED and / or climate research starts, it is understandable that you have many questions about plant-oriented research. Green Simplicity has this knowledge and experience and is at your disposal for guidance, so that exactly the right growth factors can be steered to get the maximum result from the research.

A selection of our customers

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Solynta- Climate Chamber
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World Horti Center Van der - Climate Chamber
Vreugdenhil - Climate Chamber
Flevoberry - Climate Chamber
Universiteit Utrecht - Climate Chamber
bejologo - Climate Chamber
Hanze Hogeschool - Climate Chamber
Smit kwekerijen - Smit Kwekerijen
BAS-F - Lighting Kit
Curio - Lighting Kit
Dekker Chrysanten - Lighting Kit
Hobaho - Lighting Kit
Iribov - Lighting Kit
Kruidenaer -Lighting Kit
Proeftuin Zwaagdijk -Lighting Kit
Syngenta - Lighting Kit
WEB-LOGO-VANNOVA- - Vertical Farming