Introduction Growlight

With our expertise and experiences, Green Simplicity will look for the optimal situation for the crop together with you. It has been proven that our system provides added value for you as a grower, breeder, or horticulturist.

So far, the results are promising: With our LED grow light installations, everything is possible with LED lighting in multi-layer cultivation, and with the right light recipe, growth, quality, and structure can be influenced.


With the control light, larger production numbers can be achieved, as well as qualitative better products, such as: natural color tones, more spread in the more compact crop, or even a longer crop. In other words: LED lighting allows you to get the maximum production from a plant with the lowest possible input of energy, water, and raw materials.


We like to think along!

Green Simplicity is happy to help you develop, realize, and install the Growlight concept within your company so that the ideal combination is created between your technique and your crop.



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A selection of our customers

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