Indoor Farming

Green Simplicity Concepts offers an innovative hybrid solution for Indoor Farming by integrating our system components in new and existing greenhouse structures. With our single to multi-layer system you can seamlessly incorporate Indoor Farming cultivation (i.e. ‘growing without daylight in a fully controlled environment’) in your operational facilities. This enables you to maximize efficiency and reliability of your growing activities.

Indoor Farming

Our hybrid solution combines the best of both worlds, Greenhouse & Indoor Growing, as Green Simplicity’s proven system seamlessly integrates Indoor Farming with various types of greenhouse structures. This enables you to reap the benefits of both cultivation types and create optimal growing conditions for the full lifetime of your crop. This is especially true for the propagation stage, where it is essential to have precise control of growing conditions and generate high-quality young plants. Our solution allows you to incorporate propagation into your total growing activities in a flexible, low-cost and fool-proof way.

Integration with existing processes

The real differentiation of our proposition lies in the seamless integration of the solution in existing greenhouse structure, at a competitive installation cost, endowed with advanced software. Our customers have full control and insight into their cultivation processes, with the possibility to easily edit parameters and monitor data in real-time. This is possible via an online web application or via a link with your existing climate computer. In short, the system thus enables our customers to manage their cultivation activities in an efficient way and achieve optimal growing results.

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Improved control over your crops

Are you ready for the next step and eager to discover the full potential of your crops and production process? Green Simplicity Research is here to assist you with plant-focused research and testing in a controlled environment. Once conclusions are drawn, Green Simplicity Concepts is ready to guide you through the scaling-up process. Our team is delighted to discuss the possibilities and provide personalized consultations and demonstrations. Feel free to contact us for more information.