General introduction

The research facilities from ‘Green Simplicity Research’ enable growers, horticulturists and breeders to carry out plant-oriented research and test their own crop species in a (fully) controlled environment, with various variables such as LED lighting, humidity, irrigation, CO2 and temperature.

Once the conclusions have been drawn in one of the research systems, Green Simplicity Concepts offers a suitable solution for the next steps in the form of scaling up the total production. Whether it concerns scaling up one variable, such as only climate or lighting in the greenhouse, or complete control in an automated multi-layer cultivation system without daylight. Green Simplicity Concepts helps the grower with the development and construction of an optimal cultivation system, which is tailored to the needs of the crop.

Green Simplicity Concepts 

Green Simplicity Concepts B.V. characterizes itself as a system integrator of the total concept ( the multi-layer cultivation system), in which not only LED lighting, but also all other growth factors are controlled within a multi-layer indoor farm.


In addition to indoor farm, Green Simplicity Concepts also invests its knowledge and experience in other upscaling projects, such as complete LED lighting installations (Growlight) and energy-efficient air treatment systems for optimal conditioning of the greenhouse / forcing. (Dry+Climate)

Thinking from the plant

Thinking from the perspective of the plant is central to us. Green Simplicity tries to embrace as many techniques from other sectors as possible and integrate them into the cultivation systems. In this way, the effectiveness of the system is maximized and the price per square meter is minimized.

An optimal yield, extreme savings on ingredients, energy, water and cultivation space and a grip on growth, planning and product quality. A cultivation system that runs completely from climate to internal logistics for a perfect environment for the crop.

Products Green Simplicity Concepts

A selection of our Concepts customers

DSV Zaden - Grow light
Kaagman Schooneman - Grow light
Bloomore klaas schouten - Grow Light
plantenkwekerij-gitzels - Climate Chamber - Grow light
Ruiter Wever - Grow light - Vertical Farming
Schouten Tulips Ruiter - Grow light
Niels Kreuk - Grow light
Kwekerij S Schouten - Grow light